Architectural Tinting

Window tinting is a great, inexpensive way to improve the look, energy efficiency and privacy of your home or office. Here at In Demand, we ensure customer satisfaction by using only industry leading tinting films and installation processes. We have access to and can provide the entire range of SunTek Architectural Tints to give our customers the widest variety of options. You can see more information about those tints here.


We provide mobile window tinting services and will come to your residence or office at no extra cost, provided you are within the Sydney area. 

Architectural tinting provides great benefits such as:​

  • Improve heat insulation - Tinting the windows of your home will make your premises more comfortable and reduce your energy costs by keeping your house cool in summer, and warm in winter. We can install window films which reduce as much as 84% of the solar energy.

  • Protection - Glass can be a real hazard in the domestic home when broken from accidents, storms, or break-ins, when we apply the correct film it can hold the glass together making it more difficult to break & enter.

  • Privacy - You can increase your privacy or create unique designs on nearly any glass surface in your home.

  • Longevity - UV rays will damage your homes interior and cause upholstery to crack and fade. As well as bleaching the color out of timber flooring or carpet.  When tinting your house we also protect your investment, with over 99% UV block out.

  • Appearance - Applying reflective films to windows can give your building a modern, uniform look that hides all of the blinds and other internal decorations. During the day the building will look uniform no matter what people put up against the glass.

  • Resale value - Window tinting provides a great modern look to your home or office building, which will increase its future resale value

  • Vandalism Protection - Certain window tinting films are thick enough to protect glass from most forms of vandalism or accidental damage yet they are clear and virtually invisible when mounted on the outside surface glass. Damage done to these windows tints by accident, or by vandals, can easily and cheaply be replaced. 

  • Glare reduction - Tinting the windows of your home reduces glare on TV's, computers and other screens. 

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