Automotive Tinting

Window tinting is a great, inexpensive way to improve the look, style and comfort of your car, boat or other vehicle. Here at In Demand, we ensure customer satisfaction by using only industry leading tinting films and installation processes. Our automotive window tint is the Phantom Series from Rayno Films, you can see more information about it here


We provide mobile window tinting services at no extra cost, as long as you are able to provide the right conditions for us to work in. These conditions include:

  • An indoor space (empty double garage or bigger)

  • Needs to have good lighting for us to see what we are doing.

  • We will need a power point for our tools.

  • We will confirm this information when booking you in. 

Automotive tinting provides great benefits such as:

  • Shatter resistance to deter "smash and grab thefts" and reduce risk of glass injury in the event of a crash

  • Maximum heat and glare reduction improving comfort

  • Protection against the interior fading caused by sunlight

  • 99.99% UV rejection improving personal safety

  • Less use of air conditioning due to heat reduction, saving you money

  • Provides privacy to occupants and belongings

  • Car tint adds a nice finish to your cars appearance and increases its resale value

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